Peace Talk Radio

Peace Talk Radio is hosted by Lorraine and Dan every Saturday afternoon from 1-3pm.

Our mission is to promote the free exchange of ideas, empower the voiceless, make the invisible visible, and promote peace, justice, and human rights.

We are not neutral, we take sides. Your side. We are the 99%, not the 1%.

We are a talk show so please call anytime (701) 478 4959 We want to hear your comments, complaints, secret desires, and requests for music.

Bass Sick Beats

Fargo-Moorhead’s live mix electronic music radio show, every Friday from 10pm-Midnight.

Embarrassment of Riches

Hosted by DW, Embarrassment of Riches is a weekly radio program, showcasing a delicious hour-packed with the assorted colors, flavors and textures of_that thing we love and cant get enough of, MUSIC. This show is an ever-changing melody-locamotive, as much varied as it is moving. 

A personal radio mixtape…traversing Planet Earth, across the global landscape of sound. From one cultural vibe to another…all within the span of an hour.


This Is Sugar

A mix of Rap, Funk, Soul, and Electronic music every Friday from 8-10pm.

Hosted by dj klmnop

The Weekly Rinse

Friday Night Freqs! Hosted by yours truly, John and Brian aka DJ Econ. Focused on showcasing the continuously evolving music culture of downtown Fargo.


The Solidarity Effect

The Solidarity Effect is a labor/talk radio show that deals with issues affecting the working and middle class families. Centered around the importance of labor unions, the show also integrates great music from a wide range of styles. The most progressively independent labor/talk radio show between Chicago and Seattle!

Black Ring Rituals

Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics, Darkwave, Neo-Folk, Dark Ambient.

Locals On the 8

Hosted by Martin and Patrick, Locals on the 8 plays local and a bit of regional music from Fargo, Moorhead and beyond…

The Rift Radio

The Rift Radio airs every Tuesday 8 to 10pm. Playing a variety of music old and new including: rock, funk, blues, indie, punk, Ween, Primus, Zappa, and much more!

Pissing On The Mainframe

New music and great unearthed gems from the past, broadcasting Wednesdays from 7-9 on 95.9 KRFF