Jeffo’s Underground Jukebox

While traveling the globe both overseas and in CONUS, I’ve collected many exciting musical experiences along the way.  Jeffo’s Underground Jukebox has arrived in the Fargo/Moorhead region, and will showcase the tasty tracks that both influence, and inspire the open minds of free thinkers, and doers.  Music showcased on the show shall vary from New wave, Ska, Rockabilly, Oi! Music, Gothic, Punk Rock and much much more.  This show is for you and will evolve, grow, with continual improvements along the way with endless possibilities.  Join me on air as our journey continues.


Radio Free Madness

Radio program playing stoner rock, doom, indie rock, shoegaze, death metal, grind, and more!



A comedy radio show hosted by a combination of local college students and working professionals in the community. The show also has a growing roster of guest co-hosts, who drop in several times a year to play characters that we create as the show develops. One thing is for sure, and that’s that when you listen to us, you’ll never know what’s coming next! (paragraph break) – Music played on the show ranges from the songs of years gone by, to cuts off of albums that have never seen radio airplay before, to songs from artists you’ve most likely never heard before. (paragraph break) – So jump on it, and enjoy the crazy world that is “Untitled”!

Archives can be accessed at


Stinky Art’s Music Mart.

Stinky Art’s Music Mart is on Thursday evenings from 5-7pm on 95.9 KRFF Radio Free Fargo. We play a wide variety of 70’s to new music from bluegrass, americana, alternative, metal, classic rock, punk, ska, jazz, indie, electronic and comedy. We try to have fun on the show and my cohost, Lunar, is a child.

Lavender Dumpster

Your local kick of Feminist and Queer music every Sunday.

What’s The Hooplah?

Music and talk show featuring hip hop music, local, national, celebrity news and interviews.

Hosted by G Dot and friends every Wednesdays from 3:30-5pm.

Goin’ Out West

Rockabilly, surf, garage and other genres of rock & roll blasting out of Fargo, ND on KRFF 95.9

Radio Free Madness

Radio Free Madness – Fargo radio playing the best new and classic doom, death, grind, noise, indie, post rock, sludge, stoner, blackmetal, and everything in between. Thursdays 8-10pm


The Rack

Hosted by Electric Barbarella.

Radio for the demented & deranged! Doing our part to prevent premature EROCKULATION in the arockalypse of Fargo/Moorhead!

The Black Dove

Black Metal radio show based in the frozen tundra of North Dakota.