Quay in the Morning

Hosted by DJ Morplay

The Rounded Block

Songs played during this show all reflect a common theme. Themes will be announced each Friday on the Instagram page @TheRoundedBlock. Spanning musical genres, most music will be from the 1940s-1960s. Requests encouraged! Airing Sunday nights from 9 to 11 pm.

The Vinyl Frontier

The Vinyl Frontier brings you two hours of disco/funk played from vinyl every Tuesday, from 2-4pm on KRFF 95.9

Hosted by Cold Sweat

Stinky Art’s Music Mart.

Stinky Art’s Music Mart is on Thursday evenings from 5-7pm on 95.9 KRFF Radio Free Fargo. We play a wide variety of 70’s to new music from bluegrass, americana, alternative, metal, classic rock, punk, ska, jazz, indie, electronic and comedy. We try to have fun on the show and my cohost, Lunar, is a child.

Embarrassment of Riches

Hosted by DW, Embarrassment of Riches is a weekly radio program, showcasing a delicious hour-packed with the assorted colors, flavors and textures of_that thing we love and cant get enough of, MUSIC. This show is an ever-changing melody-locamotive, as much varied as it is moving. 

A personal radio mixtape…traversing Planet Earth, across the global landscape of sound. From one cultural vibe to another…all within the span of an hour.


This Is Sugar

A mix of Rap, Funk, Soul, and Electronic music every Friday from 8-10pm.

Hosted by dj klmnop

The Orange Show

HIGH quality rocknroll every Monday night from 9-11pm on KRFF 95.9 in Fargo.