Radio Free Fargo – The Blog

Welcome to the official blog of Radio Free Fargo, written by the DJs and supporters of KRFF, the Fargo Moorhead Community Alternative Radio Station. Radio Free Fargo is not only a community radio station broadcasting at 95.9 FM in the Fargo Moorhead area but has since going on air in 2007, been a supporter of […]

How did we get here?

Radio Free Fargo  (RFF) was founded in 2007 as a community station partnered with ThunderRadio, the official radio station of North Dakota State University. Both stations broadcast from a facility on the edge of the NDSU campus for a number of years before moving downtown to their current location in 2013. The stations broadcast ona range of frequencies over the past decade in addition to adopting a single unified call sign KNDS.

In August of 2015, Radio Free Fargo steps out on it’s own becoming an independent community radio station broadcasting from the basement of the High Plains Reader building, the Fargo community newspaper. Our new frequency will be 95.9 FM and we will also be broadcasting over the internet as well.

Our DJs play a wide range of music reflecting a diverse range of tastes and we will be supplementing this programming with talk shows discussing issues of local and national importance and interest. The station plans to strongly feature the local arts and music scene and provide a vital resource to the Fargo Moorhead community.